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A collection of selected works. 

The 3 Critical Questions Every Leader Should Ask Themselves

As a leader, getting better starts with getting real and fearlessly pursuing information that supports improvement. This starts by asking yourself three questions to better understand your identity, reputation, and influence. 

The 3 Critical Questions Every Leader Should Ask Themselves

Using Assessments to Enhance Coaching

In this session, three cross-service coaches discuss their professional experiences using psychometric assessments to support their coaching practices. Assessments discussed include Hogan, DISC, CliftonStrengths, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, WorkPlace Big Five, and TalentSmart's Emotional Intelligence Appraisal.

Reimagining and Resilience: Employee Engagement in Times of Change

Engaging employees is no simple task, and only becomes more difficult when work demands intensify. Listen to HCI’s latest webcast with Dr. Jacob Westerberg on what it takes to ignite employee engagement as work demands intensify and COVID-19 reshapes the organizational landscape.

Thinking Outside the Job: Boosting Engagement through Job Crafting

"Job crafting" is the practice by which employees customize their tasks, thoughts, and relationships to find greater meaning in their work. Managers can support this by designing flexible roles and setting positive expectations, ultimately boosting employee engagement.

Thinking Outside the Job: How Job Crafting can Boost Employee Engagement
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